americorps alumna

Traci Shield is a digital marketing strategist who believes in creating social impact through creative solutions. Through her work she views the world in the lens of what could be as opposed to what is. She’s dedicated to the idea that marketing has the power to create purposeful communities that reflect who we strive to be as humanity.

Traci's marketing journey began at a creative agency who services clients in the entertainment industry such as Lionsgate, Harper Collins, Sony and more. She is also an AmeriCorps alumna through the Public Allies Arizona program where she worked at the Human Services Campus in Phoenix, AZ to alleviate poverty for adults experiencing homelessness. Traci currently works with the United Way of El Paso County to reduce stigmas regarding mental health and increase the community's resilience in response to the August 3rd mass casualty targeting Mexican Americans in an act of domestic terrorism.

With her diverse background, Ideas Speak was created to merge Traci’s two passions of mindfulness and marketing along with creativity and conscientiousness. She is motivated by her fellow change makers that continue to leverage their privilege for marginalized communities.

yoga instructor

u.s. military spouse


b.s. in political science

digital marketing nerd



We are advocates

We have the privilege to make people listen. We're here to leverage that privilege. We advocate for those who cannot advocate for themselves.


We are intentional

In a content cluttered world, we believe the little things matter more than ever. Have a reason for every decision you make. Don't post just to post.


We are community-centered

No one creates movements alone. Together we can shape the world to reflect the humanity we strive for. Engage your audience. Be open to collaboration and feedback. Be flexible with how the world responds.


We are conscious

In order to better the world, we believe in starting with ourselves. Be transparent about continuous learning and embrace growth. Ask questions. You don't know everything and that's okay. Start somewhere.


We are open-minded

We are open to differing opinions and continued dialogue. We're not afraid to admit when we've changed our minds. We don't default to defending our beliefs, instead we ask questions to find common ground.

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