Digital marketing for social impact

I get it. You don't have time to market your cause, because you're spending all your time in direct-service. And that's where your time should be spent - with people.  Hiring the right freelancer that has empathy and a shared passion for your work is more cost-effective than hiring someone in-house. Today non-profits don't need large budgets or a whole marketing team to have an effective digital presence.

Digital Marketing is an opportunity for potential donors and volunteers to experience the impact you are making. It's customer service, it's building relationships, it's pushing your organization forward with more than pretty images and strategic words.

the benefits

1. Online Fundraising

Fundraising today is as easy as a click of a button. When a child needs new pencils or a family needs a place to stay for the night, your online community is there to step up - but you need to tell them when.

2. optimizing your web space

Donors want to make informed decisions before committing to donate. By creating a website that best represents your organization, and showing donors how their financial contributions make a difference, you are showing them your credibility and why they should invest in your mission.

3. going mobile

The world is going more mobile and the non-profit world should be too. More than 52% of the world's page views happen on mobile devices. By focusing on mobile content you are able to increase traffic, receive better brand engagement, increase conversions, and reduce your bounce rate.  

4. connecting with your community

Communities have many tiers and analytics helps us better define them. Knowing who is listening is essential to an effective marketing strategy. Collecting data allows us to better understand donors, potential donors, and how to personalize our asks in a more intentional way.

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